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Resultados financieros

USD 3.8bn

Business operating profit1

USD 4.8bn
Underlying business operating profit1,2

USD 3.0bn

Net income attributable to shareholders (NIAS)


Business operating profit after tax return on equity3

Underlying business operating profit after tax return on equity2,3

USD 3.7bn

Cash remittances

USD 64.0bn

Total revenues

USD 207bn

Investment portfolio

Z-ECM 132%

Zurich Economic Capital Model (Z-ECM) ratio estimated as of December 31, 20174


Standard & Poor’s financial strength rating of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd as of December 31, 2017

Group highlights

USD 2.8bn

Total amount of impact investments5

over 550,000

Number of customers interviewed through Zurich's NPS program6

2.1 tons

C02e emissions per employee (tons per FTE)7


Female participation in Leadership Team